Organic Meat Options

Our organic meat service offers you the chance to engage in our customised order scheme. We discuss or meet with you personally and after assessing your specific organic needs, together plan a delivery service for you. Your individual or family needs, regular or function activities are taken into account. Our aim is to ensure you obtain a regular organic meat supply to suit your specific needs. Please note this is a group ordering scheme operating according to demand.

Contact us today and ask to book a time to speak to Peter Deiure to discuss your organic needs or otherwise visit us in our butcher shop or call (02) 4267 2372 today for more details.

Fore Quarter

Approx 50kg.

Rib Eye on the Bone

Sliced, Roast – BBQ, Pan or Oven.

Scotch Fillet

Sliced, Roast – BBQ, Pan or Oven.

Gravy Beef or Osso Buco

Cut Bone In, Sliced, Diced or Minced – Slow Cook.


Cut Bone In, Sliced Boneless, Diced, Minced – Slow Cook.

Y Blade (Bone In)

Steaks, Roast, Boned & Minced – BBQ, Grill, Pan, Oven or Slow Cook.

Boneless Blade

Roast, Steaks, Diced, Minced – Oven, Pan or Slow Cook.


Cut Bone In or Bone Out, Minced – Slow Cook


Lean or fatty, Pieces or Minced.


Cut for Stock, Marrow.


Bagged for rendering.