Our Story

Our Values and beliefs

We are passionate about bringing you the best in pure bred meats available on the Australian market. We’re a small friendly team, with high standards but a personal touch at all times. We have a strong sense of community and believe that with all the knowledge we have today, thanks to breakthroughs in food technology, science and medicine, including how much we now know about how what we eat effects our health and wellbeing, we believe in doing the right thing by you as well as our source animals. We are committed to quality and purity of product, delivering you the best in flavour through all natural eating, and the most natural approaches to animal welfare and farm sustainability around. Our aim is to deliver very home-style and yet professional set of butchery services to you. We aim to bring you some of the best things from from the old-world butchery tradition, coupled with all the luxuries modern knowledge and practices can offer.

We believe in supporting Australian farmers who are farming ethically, naturally and aiming for the best in purity of product. Be they premium cuts, meat products or ready made meals, we believe in creating all our food from high quality meat-based food products that cater for today’s range of eaters.

Our People

Peter Deiure

Born in Corrimal, NSW, Peter Deiure has de a line of fine butchers from Pulgia, Bari in southern Italy where traditional Italian ways have been synonymous with good eating all over the world. Peter commenced his apprenticeship with his parents in Balgownie 1987.

Peter’s dual drives are finding the best in taste and seeking to address people’s food allergies and health issues by supplying the most natural product available.

‘I like to do what’s good for everyone while keeping a reasonable price,’ he says.

It’s his love of sourcing the best and the most natural that interest him the most in his work.

‘The beef we source is the best you’ll get, grown as naturally as possible on Australian farms.’

‘I am used to buying live stock at the sale yards, from the paddock to the plate, and from local farmers when stock is available.’

Peter came to the business having left a career in butchery in 2006 for the construction industry where he met his wife, both in business and life, Marian. Together they’ve realised their dream of working together. This has brought Peter back to his true passion, while allowing Marian to foster her business talent.

‘My heart and my passion has always been in the butchery game. One day the opportunity came up for me to re-enter the industry. At first it was just me and an apprentice, now there’re four of us. It’s been great.’

His future plans? ‘We are at a good place now, a good size for the moment. Our main concern is maintaining quality, freshness and personal service.’

Marian Deiure

Marian Deiure’s palette and passion for products can bring a meal’s potential to the fore and is behind the development of the ‘tastes of the world’ section of the shop she runs. This section features condiments, oils, breads and other edible fare Marian wishes to share with all.

Originally from Tasmania, Marian came to New South Wales at 17 to try her hand at business in Sydney. She obtained 18 years of experience, generally working as a company PA in the insurance industry. This, and further experience in the construction business, has set her in good stead for her pivotal role as co-manager at Purebred Meats.

The idea was first a concept discussed by Peter and Marian. Once Marian saw the premises, her vision for the shop’s great potential was ignited, and has been a driving force behind the success of the family-style business every since.

Her professional eye for detail, her high energy, accounting skills and ability to have a laugh with the others in the shop, who are as it happens all male and all butcher-trained, have offered a strong foundation for the business to flourish.

Whenever they take on a new staff member, Peter and Marian, take the newcomer and partner to dinner. This strong welcoming family friendly sensibility that Peter and Marian brings with them, infuses the business.