Sausages and smoked products

Our gluten and preservative-free gourmet and traditional sausage selection offers up to 20 varieties of sausages at any given time. These will change over the course of the year. We use natural casings for our sausages. Our sausages are hand-made by our expert sausage maker on the premises has been trained in the art of sausage making, and our recipes are taste tested and completed to perfection.

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Are you looking for the best snags in town? Look no further! We are the highest awarded butcher shop in the Illawarra Region for the 2015 AMIC (Australian Meat Industry Council) Sausage King and Best Butcher’s Burger Competition. Purebred Meats Thirroul has won a total of seven awards at the Sausage King Competition in 2015 including first and second place in the open gourmet section and first place for their traditional Australian sausage.

But it’s not just our sausages that are top-notch, our burgers have also proven their worth by winning first place for the Best Butcher’s Burger in the Illawarra region.

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When storing preservative and additive free sausages be sure to:

  • Keep frozen food frozen solid
  • Note that after two days your product will change colour. This is natural oxidisation of the meat and is still perfectly fine to eat.
  • Freeze your sausages as soon as you buy them, this will avoid discolouration if they are preservative free.
  • Keep chilled food at 4°C or colder. If not consuming within 24 hours, freeze.

Smoked Products

When storing smoked products:

  • You’ll get the maximum fridge life out of your smoked products if you store them in air tight containers.
  • With ham you can use a moist paper towel to stop it from drying out.
Asian Five Spice sausages

Winner of the Sausage King Australian Meats Industry Council (AMIC) award 2014.

Pork with wild mushroom and garlic
Italian Calabrese
Nitrite-free ham
Nitrite-free bacon
Smoked Pork Bones
Smoked Cabana
 Pepperoni & Cheese Kransky